Murray Bodo, Franciscan priest and author
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Ten Christian Mystics and What They Tell Us of God
Now You Know Media
Ten Christian Mystics and What They Tell Us of God Some mysteries of our faith can only be experienced. God has touched some people in a special way so they are able to tell us deeper and more holy things about God and ourselves. We call them mystics. Mystics experience God's presence in very tangible and sometimes graphic ways. Their experiences confirm Christians' belief that we truly are temples of the living God. Through these remarkable 12 lectures by leading Franciscan intellectual and poet Fr. Murray Bodo, you will unlock the mysteries of mysticism. Through the original words of 10 mystics, Fr. Murray shows you the nature of the mystical experience and demonstrates the relevance of mystical words and experiences to our Faith. God chose to reveal himself through a variety of people. Intellectuals, poets, hermits, radicals, and even the unwed teenage Mary, were touched by God in a mystical way. You will learn the legacy of these five men and five women mystics. These souls all have God's revelation in common. His intimate presence to the mystics prove his ongoing communication with us in every age.

Franciscan Prayer: How Saint Francis Prayed

Franciscan Prayer: How Saint Francis Prayed
Now You Know Media
'Lord make me an instrument of your peace.' These words belong to one of the most recognized prayers in the world, 'A Prayer for Peace.' Recent custom attributes them to St. Francis, the saint whose legacy leads thousands to pray. Though, it is unlikely that St. Francis authored this popular prayer, the Franciscan tradition of prayer is similarly humble and eloquent.

In this series, Fr. Murray Bodo explores the uniqueness of Franciscan Prayer, as well as its continuity with the Judeo-Christian traditions of prayer. Using the life and prayers of St. Francis, as well as his admonitions and writings on how we are to pray, Fr. Bodo treats the ten movements of Franciscan Prayer.

With Fr. Bodo you will explore how the young St. Francis's imprisonment and subsequent reversal of his ambition to be a knight led to his becoming an interior person, how he learned that the way to God is the way God came to us in the Incarnation, and how St. Francis's prayer for identification with the Crucified Christ resulted in the sacred stigmata. Discover the beauty and spirit of Franciscan Prayer through Fr. Bodo's enriching 12 25-minute lecture course.


Celebrating 800 Years of the Franciscan Way of Life
Tau Publishing, 2009
Celebrating 800 Years  of the Franciscan Way of Life Includes reflections and readings from: Visions and Revisions, Brother Juniper-God?s Holy Fool and Wounded Angels. Fr. Murray?s historic teaching on the great poet and troubador St. Francis of Assisi is an inspirational and uplifting encounter. His poem, I sit in an upright chair in honor of St. Francis? mother will touch your heart in a way it has never been touched before. Run time appx. 80 minutes; recorded live at the Historic St. Mary's Basilica in Phoenix, Arizona.

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